Definition of wearying in English:



  • Causing tiredness; tiring.

    ‘a long, wearying journey’
    • ‘And while it makes for a fascinating listen, it also makes for a wearying one.’
    • ‘He writes of his tough young team working long and wearying hours, racing to identify and solve problems, always soliciting opinions from engineers and everyone else involved.’
    • ‘And that discussion turns, with wearying repetition, on the ways in which Canadians are not like Americans.’
    • ‘The wearying and thankless life of a tour manager was not the life he had hoped for though, so in August 1988 he returned to Australia and found a flat in Melbourne.’
    • ‘It has been an expensive, laborious and wearying exercise contacting policyholders worldwide and convincing sceptics that demutualisation isn't such a bad idea after all.’
    • ‘Sitting cross-legged on the floor felt rather juvenile, but it was less wearying than standing.’