Definition of wearing in English:



  • Mentally or physically tiring:

    ‘it would be a lot less wearing if we could work together amicably’
    ‘a plan of action will make the whole event a less wearing experience’
    • ‘What might be a lot of fun at a rum-fuelled street party makes for a sometimes wearing experience in other contexts.’
    • ‘The comedy element of this comedy-thriller comes almost entirely from Trixie's spectacular destruction of the English language: it's the sort of verbal knockabout stuff that I love, but I can see how some people could find it wearing over an entire movie.’
    • ‘Asked if the lack of recuperation time between the seasons is a wearing experience, Foster gives a definitive yes.’
    • ‘Fishing the bigger French lakes can be physically wearing and damned hard work.’
    tiring, exhausting, wearying, fatiguing, enervating, draining, sapping, stressful, weary, crushing
    demanding, exacting, taxing, trying, challenging, burdensome, arduous, gruelling, punishing, grinding, onerous, difficult, hard, tough, heavy, laborious, back-breaking, crippling, strenuous, rigorous, uphill
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