Definition of wear something out (also wear out) in English:

wear something out (also wear out)

phrasal verb

  • Use or be used until no longer in good condition or working order.

    ‘wearing out the stair carpet’
    ‘the type was used again and again until it wore out’
    • ‘Its front wheels were incorporated into a trailer for use around the farm, and did sterling service until the bearings wore out.’
    • ‘But, while people were living longer, they were not working longer, because their bodies wore out.’
    • ‘I had a long way to walk to school and my boots wore out.’
    • ‘Excess calcium, though, can cause the heart to beat irregularly until the muscle wears out.’
    • ‘Socks were made of pure wool, which wore out at the toes and heels so holes occurred very often.’
    • ‘The intensive care unit I used to work in did have the best equipment but once it broke or wore out there was no money to replace it.’
    • ‘Other than that, cheap stuff, sale items, and a lot of hand-me-downs went into each backpack, which was also kept until it either wore out or became too youthful for its owner.’
    • ‘I adored this adventure and wore out the books reading it over and over again - as indeed I did with most of the Tintin books, except for the Moon ones which didn't enthral me as much.’
    • ‘At the studio, I waited in a dressing room for everything to be over - I must owe ITV for the strip of carpet I wore out with all my pacing.’
    • ‘Interestingly enough, he died not because his body rejected the heart or anything like that, but simply because the artificial heart wore out.’
    • ‘Find a set you like better than any other, and use them until you wear them out.’
    • ‘We take many of these things - I'd add watches, jackets, and a few other types of clothes to the mix - entirely for granted until the old one wears out.’
    • ‘At our first meeting he took the bracelet off his wrist and snapped it onto mine, where it remained until it almost wore out.’
    • ‘Last Saturday the 55-year-old wore out some more sole leather on the anti-war march with up to 100,000 others in Glasgow.’
    • ‘I recently upgraded to a new cellphone because my old one just wore out, but I decided not to go the photophone route just yet.’
    • ‘That's because car designs are planned years in advance and old cars remain on the roads until they wear out.’
    • ‘My old chemistry teacher used to lecture us lads about the virtue of having 31 ties, one for every day of the month, so they never wore out.’
    • ‘Its soundtrack album was one of the first records I owned, and played until the grooves wore out.’
    • ‘It has been a glorious century and mankind will be eternally grateful for its legacy, playing golden age recordings until they wear out.’
    • ‘Initially made of hemp or vine the ring could be replaced whenever it wore out.’
    deteriorate, become worn, show signs of wear, come to the end of its life, become useless, wear thin, fray, become threadbare, go into holes, go through, wear through
    use up, consume, go through, wear holes in, make threadbare, make worn
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