Definition of wear on in English:

wear on

phrasal verb

  • (of a period of time) pass, especially slowly or tediously.

    ‘as the afternoon wore on he began to look unhappy’
    • ‘But as the afternoon wore on, it became increasingly obvious that the Clarets were never going to score.’
    • ‘As the day wore on, we all began to realise just how privileged we were to be part of this expedition.’
    • ‘Sadly, as the months wore on, Mick began to get more and more difficult.’
    • ‘As time wore on, she began to suspect that maybe she was going around in circles.’
    • ‘In Warsaw, the stadium scoreboard showed that the temperature was slowly but steadily dropping as the night wore on.’
    • ‘But as the evening wore on I began to realise the merit in this approach.’
    • ‘As the days wore on Jon was beginning to get the feeling that Scott wanted no part of anyone anymore.’
    • ‘As the day wore on the tranquillity of the afternoon is remembered as being almost unearthly.’
    • ‘As the afternoon wore on, Evelyn began to notice more and more how the men treated her.’
    • ‘That evening she was due to go out and as time wore on Jane began to call round friends and family to try and track her down.’
    • ‘That night we all had a really great time, but as the evening wore on I began to feel a bit uncomfortable.’
    • ‘It's the sort of thriller which, as time wears on, is beginning to look dated.’
    • ‘As the afternoon wore on, the sun moved around so that it was warming the side of the building on which we were sitting.’
    • ‘And then as the afternoon wore on, they'd move out and sit on the verandah and look out at the garden beyond.’
    • ‘As the years wore on she began talking about leaving the Order, more and more.’
    • ‘The day passed slowly for him and as it wore on he began to slowly give up hope.’
    • ‘As the night wore on the smokers moved further and further down our table.’
    • ‘The first night at sea began calmly and William slept soundly but as the night wore on, the ship began to roll as she encountered a fair swell.’
    pass, elapse, proceed, progress, advance, move on, run its course, go by, go on, go past, roll by, roll on, roll past, march on, glide by, glide past, slide by, slide past, slip away, slip by, slip past, fly by, fly past, steal by, steal past, tick by, tick past
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