Definition of weaner in English:



  • A calf, lamb, or pig weaned during the current year.

    as modifier ‘weaner gilts’
    • ‘About 14 weaner piglets escaped from the farm when someone cut a hole in the fence of their enclosure.’
    • ‘Their days are long, over 12 hours, up at 5 am, feeding themselves, other workers, horses and dogs, and then droving, moving up to 2200 head of cattle (including weaners, calves and bullocks) at a time, along the roadside.’
    • ‘Oh and they are due to farrow in the next month, so weaners will be available for Christmas.’
    • ‘We've been hand-feeding all our weaner sheep for some time now, and we are providing a supplement for our cattle so they can make use of the long dry feed.’
    • ‘On Friday we returned from a short break in the Lake District to find an email from a farm in Dumfries which has Tamworth weaners available.’
    • ‘These cattle will be managed by the community, who will benefit from the production of the herd through the sale of weaners and slaughter cattle.’
    • ‘Satisfied that they were doing well, he checked the chickens and the goats and the weaner pig penned up in a small stall nearby.’
    • ‘In the short term, if anyone is looking for weaners, we know of a breeder in Biggar who has piglets available which were born last weekend.’
    • ‘‘If ones takes into account that a large percentage of the weaners in South African feedlots are from Namibia, then the argument becomes even more ridiculous,’ said the statement.’
    • ‘In March weaners, pregnant cows and some bulls are sold, and in September more than 50 bulls are auctioned.’
    • ‘We sold all kinds of things from the farm: weaner pigs, lambs for slaughter, sheared wool for hand-spinners, chicken fryers and eggs, as well as yogurt and fresh cheese from our Jersey cows.’
    • ‘Here are our new arrivals, the 3 Tamworth boar weaners we picked up from Dumfries today.’
    • ‘The sun is low in the sky as jackaroos on motorbikes muster a mob of weaner rams along the picturesque Egelabra lagoon.’