Definition of wealthy in English:



  • Having a great deal of money, resources, or assets; rich.

    ‘the wealthy nations of the world’
    ‘the burden of taxation on the wealthy’
    • ‘Never even having owned a house in his life, Stewart became a very wealthy man overnight.’
    • ‘It is great if you are wealthy enough to be able to afford to send your children to an independent school.’
    • ‘She died a wealthy woman, leaving her money to religious institutions and charities.’
    • ‘The rich are almost obscenely wealthy, while the poor live in shocking conditions.’
    • ‘The level of public support for the arts is much lower than it is in other wealthy nations.’
    • ‘Some of the middlemen did become wealthy, but they lived and spent their money in the towns.’
    • ‘There are very few wealthy countries that are not also stable liberal democracies.’
    • ‘The wealthy would rather spend their money on a good tax accountant than give it to the chancellor.’
    • ‘His grandmother was a wealthy lady who lived in Hull and originally bought the paintings.’
    • ‘Considering how much they ate, it is a wonder wealthy Victorians were not all huge.’
    • ‘Most of us here are from an incredibly privileged section of a very wealthy nation.’
    • ‘There is not a great deal America, or other countries of the wealthy west, can do about this.’
    • ‘Now lives will be lost unless wealthy nations are prepared to act on a larger scale than ever before.’
    • ‘Mirrors used to be an extremely expensive accessory, only affordable by the wealthy.’
    • ‘Under this President, he said, the tax burden of the wealthy has gone down and that of the middle class has gone up.’
    • ‘Now the losses are enormous and you'd have to be seriously wealthy to cover them.’
    • ‘The son of a wealthy Greek businessman, he expected his command to be instantly obeyed.’
    • ‘So there you have it: an extremely wealthy young man spends a lot of money at the bookies.’
    • ‘However, there is bad news for wealthy families who use trusts to shelter assets from tax.’
    • ‘There are a lot of wealthy people who work in Leeds and Bradford and live in Craven and we are calling on them to help.’
    rich, affluent, moneyed, cash rich, well off, with deep pockets, well-to-do, prosperous, comfortable, opulent, propertied, of means, of substance, in clover, plutocratic
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