Definition of Wealden in English:



  • 1Relating to the Weald.

    • ‘The practice came about in consequence of this venture, and was loosely based on a Wealden custom at hop-picking time.’
    • ‘However, this concept is challenged by the discovery of different pollen cones from the Arkansas and English Wealden localities.’
    • ‘About 1340 Sir John de Pulteney, a London merchant and financier and four times mayor of London, constructed a splendid house of Wealden sandstone.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting a style of timber house built in the Weald in the late medieval and Tudor periods.
      • ‘He was talking about Cragside, that wonderful faux Wealden house in Northumberland with all the gadgets.’
      • ‘In the decade preceding 1348, we find a number of exceptionally large and lavish timber-framed buildings, including a giant Wealden house and a ‘skyscraper’ with a stone undercroft.’
    2. 1.2Geology Relating to or denoting a series of Lower Cretaceous estuarine and freshwater deposits best exemplified in the Weald.
      • ‘Because of their non-marine depositional setting, the Wealden sediments are not biostratigraphically constrained with a high degree of certainty.’
      • ‘The close proximity of the Isle of Wight-Purbeck fault zone probably also had an effect on Wealden sedimentation in the Wessex Basin, as the downthrow on these faults decreases to the west.’
      • ‘Interestingly, regional seismic and borehole studies of the Lower Cretaceous in the English Channel indicate the presence of unconformities in the basal Wealden sediments, especially towards the basin margins.’