Definition of weak-mindedness in English:



  • See weak-minded

    • ‘Rudeness and a lack of civility are traits that go hand in hand with weakness of all sorts, especially weak-mindedness, and we should do our utmost to avoid such behavior.’
    • ‘When I was in graduate school, anyone so unwise as to have a spouse or children was tacitly encouraged to disguise or downplay this unhappy fact of nature; it was regarded, by many members of the faculty at that institution, as an indicator of weak-mindedness, betraying a lack of serious commitment to scholarship.’
    • ‘They believe that no government that suffers form faintheartedness, weak-mindedness and the absence of professional integrity and competence, deserves to be trusted to govern.’
    • ‘But far worse than the paranoid, spiteful style of the President and his advisers is the weak-mindedness and susceptibility of the media that make his approach effective.’
    • ‘If women possess any power over you, it's only because of your own weak-mindedness.’