Definition of waywardly in English:



  • See wayward

    • ‘It is difficult to find in living memory another example of a head of state who has behaved so waywardly, with the possible exception many years ago of President Lumumba of The Congo.’
    • ‘And the only fully fit fast bowler, James Prior, bowled waywardly in the first innings.’
    • ‘From still lifes to landscapes, graceful interiors to unwieldy allegorical scenes, his work is waywardly old-fashioned.’
    • ‘On Friday, he had struck the ball as waywardly as any seasoned golf watcher could remember, despite telling us before the tournament that he was ‘in control of everything right now, and quite happy’.’
    • ‘With a performance like tonight's though, people should be wondering how long the star's fantasy world can exist when it keeps getting more waywardly scatty and sad by the day.’