Definition of ways and means in English:

ways and means


  • Methods and resources for achieving something.

    ‘the company is seeking ways and means of safeguarding jobs’
    • ‘There are of course ways and means to keep fuel costs down, most of which have been covered over and over before.’
    • ‘There are other ways and means of dealing with issues like this.’
    • ‘I hope to explore ways and means of strengthening the economic, defence and cultural ties between our two countries.’
    • ‘However, there are ways and means to beat the heat.’
    • ‘There may be various causes for back pain, but there are ways and means to deal with it to lead a pain-free life.’
    • ‘Here you will have an opportunity to discuss and suggest ways and means to avoid road accidents in Goa and other road-related problems.’
    • ‘In Scotland, a small country with a large number of resourceful writers, there have always been ways and means of getting noticed.’
    • ‘There are ways and means of achieving your goal, several of them legal.’
    • ‘But it should be recognised that there are ways and means of achieving these ends.’
    • ‘And we had better begin to look at ways and means of reducing carbon emissions.’
    • ‘There are ways and means to achieve this and over time I have become quite an expert!’


ways and means

/ˌweɪz ən(d) ˈmiːnz/