Definition of wayang in English:



  • (in Indonesia and Malaysia) a theatrical performance employing puppets or human dancers.

    • ‘She was always astonished by the beautiful wayang figures used by her uncle.’
    • ‘Wayang is not something reserved to scholars or court people; every villager knows the wayang, uses its example to educate or chastise children, and has his or her own favourite character.’
    • ‘One of the significant breakthroughs Poedijono made is his use of English in his wayang (puppet show) performances.’
    • ‘Nowadays, wayang is broadcast on the radio, blaring from open-air eateries.’
    • ‘Thus, the wayang is not only a cultural show, but also a sacred performance, with a ritual opening led by the puppeteer.’
    • ‘The art of wayang has recently started to change.’
    • ‘At the end of the wayang, Twalen and Merdah advise that the ten elements of peace - earth, water, fire, wind, plants, animals, fish, birds, humans and God - must be cherished, nurtured and controlled.’