Definition of way station in English:

way station


North American
  • 1A stopping point on a journey.

    ‘the hotel was a way station for all the aid workers who passed through the city’
    ‘Anchorage is a way station on the great circle route’
    figurative ‘experts think the cellular field is only a way station to more complex technologies’
    • ‘Yeager put his mule in the stable for the night and led Sanders to the blazing fire in the way station's main room.’
    • ‘The building itself had long ago been a way station for travelers on horseback to grab a hot meal, or stay the night.’
    • ‘Located in Tallil, the airbase is strategically situated halfway between Baghdad and the Iraq-Kuwait border, an ideal way station for Iraqi prisoners of war captured during the fighting.’
    • ‘For centuries this was a tiny way station on the Camino Real, the primary trade route that linked New Spain to Old Mexico, but now Bernalillo is an inviting stop off the beaten path.’
    • ‘Bailey and his wife, Nadine, run the all-night eatery, which serves as a way station for lost souls of various backgrounds.’
    • ‘Customs is a mandatory way station for all international shipments.’
    • ‘We took the footpath along the Barge Canal and came to a brick building that, in days gone by, had been a way station for changing mules that pulled the barges along the canal.’
    • ‘These days, White House service seems merely a way station on the road to the best-seller list.’
    • ‘The international airports in Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles are also major way stations affected by the new rules.’
    • ‘Now, the house was used as a way station for illegal aliens until final payments were made to their smugglers.’
    • ‘These early traders used Aldabra, the world's largest lagoon, as a way station, a place to re-stock their depleted resources and repair their boats.’
    • ‘A mid-l9th-century emigrant way station, Baker City really got rolling with the discovery of gold in 1861.’
    • ‘What's new is the belief that the workplace is no longer a mere way station on the journey to children and a home.’
    • ‘It's generally recognized that many illegals go to Canada with a primary purpose of using it as a way station on the trek to the U.S.’
    • ‘If we are to send explorers to work and live on Mars, our first challenge will be to construct and operate a way station on the Moon.’
    • ‘What was found, he said, indicated the building was used as a way station for foreign fighters crossing into Iraq from Syria to fight against the coalition.’
    • ‘But unless this story is wholly false, dozens of people died not of drowning or even before being rescued, but simply because they couldn't be moved from one way station to the next.’
    • ‘Their conversation was interrupted when their stagecoach stopped at a small way station and a comely woman with light-brown hair dressed in unattractive dark clothing joined the stage.’
    • ‘There were various pauses at way stations en route.’
    • ‘It has been a military base, a way station for boat people and a prison camp for suspects captured in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘Early records show the Ranch was a way station for Spanish monks travelling to nearby Mission Santa Barbara in the late 1700's.’
    • ‘He said the set-up appeared to be a way station where foreign fighters slipping through the border could get bogus identification documents and clothes that would help them blend in with the Iraqi population.’
    1. 1.1 A minor station on a railway.
      • ‘When Brennan rides up to the way station, the stationmaster confesses that he is lonely out in the wilderness, and that being lonely is no way to live.’


way station