Definition of way leave in English:

way leave


  • A right of way granted by a landowner, generally in exchange for payment and typically for purposes such as the erection of telegraph wires or laying of pipes.

    ‘companies must have way leaves for work they want to carry out on private land’
    ‘they must seek a way leave’
    • ‘Lot 2, located directly adjacent to lot 1, containing the septic tank for the house in lot 1, with a way leave to service the tank, and measuring 0.6 acres, similarly achieved a record-breaking price in Mayo.’
    • ‘Corrib project personnel are expected over the winter to begin marking out the way leave for the upstream pipeline from the terminal site to the Dooncarton landfall near Pullathomas.’
    • ‘A site on private land is available if the Council agrees to grant a way leave for access to a new private housing development.’
    • ‘He also told this newspaper that another garage owner had paid the planning officer a significant sum, which he believed to be £10,000, to obtain way leave on to another new road in the city around the same time in the late 1980s.’
    • ‘The company has secured all planning permissions and licences governing the project and claims to have all necessary way leaves and legal entitlements for the laying of the pipeline which will be 1.2m under ground level.’