Definition of waxhead in English:



  • A surfer.

    • ‘These cheeky Maori-speaking waxheads have dedicated their lives to surfing.’
    • ‘Instead, he and the other waxheads thawed out with tins of beans warmed over a beach bonfire.’
    • ‘After a year of travelling around Johannesburg, Cape Town, Elizabeth Bay and of course Jeffreys Bay (or J-Bay for the waxheads), it was back home and off to Newcastle University.’
    • ‘Formed over twenty years ago by a handful of dedicated waxheads, looking to protect the playground that bleached their hair and tanned their torsos, it has sure grown up.’
    • ‘The Bay, the most-protected of Byron's surf areas and the closest to town, is a cluster of adjoining beaches that offer great conditions for aspiring, old or novice waxheads.’
    • ‘I'm a summer boy, a beach bum, a waxhead and the cold is not for me.’
    • ‘If all else fails there is always the Grand Hotel if you don't mind hanging out with 50-year-old waxheads.’
    • ‘Self-confessed waxheads, the twins match their love of Tangaroa with their love of Maori as they travel the width and breadth of New Zealand to talk to relations and friends at local coastal marae.’