Definition of waxberry in English:



  • A shrub with berries that have a waxy coating, in particular a bayberry.

    • ‘If it was fruits and vegetables that I lacked, I could always find an assortment of waxberries or dried and buttered peas.’
    • ‘What is worse is that the concentrated arrivals of other summer fruits, like strawberries, peaches, mangos, plums and waxberries, interferes with its normal sale.’
    • ‘Yesterday, a group of us went up to the mountains to pick waxberries, which are a local delicacy.’
    • ‘Its locally produced products therefore sell well in foreign markets, and its oranges, waxberries and litchis are shipped around the world.’
    • ‘The latter, or myrtle waxberries, as they are frequently called, and which are the favorite food of this species, have given it their name.’
    • ‘The tourists could taste the waxberries and experience special local Chinese customs.’
    • ‘The waxberries produced here are famous for their big sizes, gorgeous color, sweet juice and deliciousness, so it is said that ‘waxberry from Yuyao is the best in the world’.’
    • ‘It can also help relieve us from fatigue, summer heat, and rheumatism when it is made into waxberry wine.’
    • ‘The waxberry is a member of the honeysuckle family.’
    • ‘During May, the Waxberry Festival in Henghe Town provides a good opportunity to enjoy fresh waxberries and delicious waxberry wine.’
    • ‘Another descriptive name is waxberry because the berries have a strange consistency that really does resemble candle wax.’
    • ‘Cherries, nectarines, peaches, waxberries and Chinese gooseberries are planted at the base.’