Definition of wax tree in English:

wax tree

(also Japanese wax tree)


  • An East Asian tree with white berries that produce a wax which is used as a substitute for beeswax.

    Rhus succedanea, family Anacardiaceae

    • ‘Besides beeswax, Japanese candles were also made from plant-derived materials, such as Japanese lacquer trees, Japanese wax trees, and rice bran.’
    • ‘Wax trees used to be found all over Japan, but particularly in the Shikoku, Kyushu, and Chugoku regions.’
    • ‘Both the holly and wax tree are evergreens, their leaves have a somewhat similar appearance, and the wax insect that feeds off the wax tree is also found occasionally on the holly.’
    • ‘Back in Japan, after the Edo period, raising wax trees was promoted and candles were manufactured domestically.’
    • ‘The wax trees were planted along the street of Yanagisaka-Sone approximately two hundred and fifty years ago in order to extract the wax for lighting.’