Definition of wax painting in English:

wax painting


  • another term for encaustic
    • ‘Developed as part of a larger performance, this series of wax paintings on Plexiglas was created live, in front of an audience.’
    • ‘With the colours that you choose John will create a personal, beautiful and unique wax painting for you with an iron.’
    • ‘It is most likely that this is the resin component of the majority of the wax paintings done by the Mexicans and by Rivera in particular.’
    • ‘I've experimented with wax paintings on canvas, wood and paper, and found that thick, absorbent paper gives the result I like best.’
    • ‘I have done some acrylic paintings on my own and have collected quite a few acrylic, oil and wax paintings over the year.’
    • ‘He is presently working in encaustic wax paintings.’
    • ‘During the course… learners will learn techniques of encaustic wax painting, using an iron, hot air gun, scriber, hot brush, hot stylus etc, using coloured and metallic waxes.’
    • ‘All these wax paintings are original and painted by me on good quality canvas or watercolour paper.’
    • ‘To some, wax painting is thought to be a relatively new art form.’
    • ‘He took a poor-quality video of a boy making various facial expressions, then culled a number of stills out of the tape and made wax paintings of them.’
    • ‘Encaustic wax painting has been around for the last 2,500 years and was practised by the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.’
    • ‘I think wax painting is a great therapeutic art form that it would fit in great at a hospital.’
    • ‘If you are new to wax painting then this simple-to-make design will set you off on the road to loving this craft.’
    • ‘Thousands of these icons were later destroyed; only a few remain, with the oldest painting of Christ surviving as an excellent example of the permanence of wax paintings.’
    • ‘Much time and care is required with each wax painting.’
    • ‘One artist, Cornelius Delaney, has done a series of 3D works using recycled objects in encaustic - wax painting that was used by the Egyptians to seal boats and later by Greeks to make death masks.’
    • ‘They will cover a range of topics including flower drawing and painting, pastel, acrylic, oil, and wax painting - so there is something for everyone in that packed programme.’