Definition of wavelet in English:



  • A small wave of water; a ripple.

    • ‘Minutes later, we're leaping joyfully across a bay of sparkling wavelets towards a headland crowned with the ruins of a pirate castle.’
    • ‘The sky in the east gleams like burnished brass gilding the wavelets on Phoenix Bay.’
    • ‘Quietly, against the gentle sound of wavelets hitting the sleeping island, someone could be heard sobbing.’
    • ‘Aiden looked as well, watching as a single tear fell and rippled out in wavelets to her fingers.’
    • ‘The water shifted once more, and the breeze cast smaller ripples around it, wavelets in a far stretch of unknown.’
    • ‘The steel-grey wavelets of Loch Skeen lapped dark peaty banks.’
    • ‘I didn't move, but sat against the mast running my finger along the cut on my foot and looking vacantly at the green-brown wavelets parting before us, the boulders and cedars along the shore and cloud menagerie overhead.’
    • ‘After our eyes adjust, we find the walls to be a gorgeous translucent blue, the surface scalloped into smooth, symmetrical wavelets.’
    • ‘Nothing stung worse as a young surf fisherman than to drive onto hot sand, stare into tiny, green wavelets, and draw a yellow bucket filled with overheated, upside-down shrimp from the trunk.’
    • ‘It punches at the foaming wavelets, scrambles along the edge of the rocks, cartwheels, hops.’
    • ‘She finally shrugged, sending wavelets racing each other across the pool.’
    • ‘Now the lake was placid in the heat of the afternoon, the tiny wavelets lapping the shore like a hurried metronome.’
    • ‘Apparently these tsunami can begin far out to sea as 30 centimetre-high wavelets before reaching the shallow waters which give them the fuel and the volume to become mountainous.’
    • ‘After the lesson on tides I feel a new sense of connection to the sea, since I finally understand the forces behind rising and receding wavelets that now envelop my bare feet.’
    • ‘A film of water rainbowed around our blades, and there were gaping holes in the ice, lapped by wavelets.’
    • ‘The gusty wind forced tiny wavelets to ripple across the surface.’
    • ‘The sand of the beach shimmers under the African sun, and the wavelets that lazily flop onto the shore are crystal clear.’
    • ‘Whirring flying-fish burst from under the bows and skimmed away across the wavelets.’
    • ‘To the right of that is a close-up of blue-brown wavelets of water.’
    • ‘His home was made of pale marble, and clear white wavelets from the swimming pool shimmered on its empty walls.’
    wave, undulation, ripplet, ridge, crease, wrinkle, ruffle, pucker
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