Definition of wave something aside in English:

wave something aside

phrasal verb

  • Dismiss something as unnecessary or irrelevant.

    ‘he waved the objection aside and carried on’
    • ‘‘Whatever,’ Juliet said, waving their comments aside.’
    • ‘He had been begging her to let him call a doctor for the past few days, but she just kept waving his concerns aside.’
    • ‘With a shake of his head, Joe waved the statement aside.’
    • ‘But I waved the thought aside, resolute in my decision.’
    • ‘The man himself is, however, quick to wave the formalities aside.’
    • ‘Johnny waved the question aside with a graceful sweep of his hand, as though all was forgiven.’
    • ‘He'd waved them aside with the excuse that he must have caught a bug.’
    • ‘William was about to speak again, but the old man waved his efforts aside.’
    • ‘He waved it aside, and looked back to the screen.’
    • ‘She waved it aside, sending him an assuring smile.’
    dismiss, reject, brush aside, put aside, set aside, shrug off, disregard, ignore, spurn, rebuff, discount, repudiate, put out of one's mind, play down, treat with contempt
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