Definition of wattlebird in English:



  • 1The largest of the honeyeaters found in Australia, with a wattle hanging from each cheek.

    Genus Anthochaera (and Melidectes), family Meliphagidae: four species

    • ‘The yellow wattlebird occurs in eucalypt forest and woodland.’
    • ‘The red wattlebird moves about quickly and acrobatically within the tree.’
    • ‘With its striated colouration of dark brown, white and grey, the red wattlebird is so named because of the flap of bright red skin on each side of the neck beneath a bare grey area.’
    • ‘From there she can watch red wattlebirds sip the indigo evening and goshawks, white as salt, hunt geckoes in the scrub, the sea a blue presence in her imaginings.’
    • ‘The image at lower left, is a wattlebird in full voice, declaring to others of its species and perhaps to other honeyeaters, ‘this site is occupied’.’
  • 2A songbird of a New Zealand family distinguished by wattles hanging from the base of the bill.

    Family Callaeidae: the saddleback and the kokako, together with the extinct huia

    • ‘Three unique wattlebirds, the kokako, saddleback and huia are part of the ancient Callaeidae family.’
    • ‘There used to be three types of wattlebirds in New Zealand: kokakos; saddlebacks; and huia.’
    • ‘This should include the three endemic New Zealand families: New Zealand wrens, wattlebirds and kiwis.’
    • ‘The saddleback, a black wattlebird with a tan saddle of feathers on its back and a pendulous orange wattle at the base of its bill, has been translocated 27 times since 1925 and now inhabits approximately 16 islands.’
    • ‘Here we will see the Takahe, a large six pound Rail, the Saddleback, one of New Zealand's two remaining wattlebirds and the Stitchbird, a rare endemic honeyeater.’