Definition of wattle-eye in English:



  • A small African flycatcher with a coloured patch of bare skin around or above the eye, typically having black and white plumage.

    Genus Platysteira, family Platysteiridae (or Monarchidae): several species

    • ‘We also had our first wattle-eye, a Jameson's wattle-eye, a brown-chested alethe, and an equatorial akalat.’
    • ‘The white-fronted wattle-eye is endemic to the northernmost part of the coastal belt in this ecoregion.’
    • ‘Today its flora and fauna remain fascinatingly distinct; Gray-cheeked Hornbill, Great Blue Turaco, Blue-headed Bee-eater, barbets, greenbuls and wattle-eyes along with Black-and-white Colubus Monkey and other interesting primates.’
    • ‘Niche overlap of pied flycatcher was also greatest with paradise flycatcher and with wattle-eye.’
    • ‘The final group of birds in this family are the two genera of wattle-eyes.’