Definition of watery in English:



  • 1Consisting of, containing, or resembling water.

    ‘a watery fluid’
    • ‘Now the earth was without shape and empty, and darkness was over the surface of the watery deep, but the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the water.’
    • ‘The weighty dish is a re-creation of what York's aristocracy tucked into in the 14th century, while the lower classes commonly ate watery pea soup.’
    • ‘So, we shall continue feeding them, and work to keep their watery world a healthy place for them, and hope that nature will take its course and effect their gradual disappearance.’
    • ‘The lymph fluid originates from the interstitial fluid, the watery environment that surrounds the cells of our bodies.’
    • ‘Also, avoid ingredients that are watery or juicy, or pizza will be soggy.’
    • ‘After the plane arrives, we fly over the watery green plain, skimming above rivers of burnished silver and snowy flocks of tundra swan.’
    • ‘They're rather grotesque in that their body is very, very watery and slimy and when you get very large bags of them they tend to sort of slime up the net.’
    • ‘Your middle ear is usually filled with air but it also makes a thin watery fluid.’
    • ‘He had to be guided through these uncharted, watery jungles.’
    • ‘The arm and part of his neck and chest was red and oozing blood and a clear, watery fluid.’
    • ‘Erica pleaded, tears streaming from her closed eyes, making thin watery tracks down her pale cheeks.’
    • ‘Her eyes were inflamed and had a watery discharge.’
    • ‘Saliva is a watery fluid that helps to wash away and neutralise the acid.’
    • ‘Members of the Royal Marines who are preparing to leave their base at Arbroath to serve in the rocky terrain of Afghanistan will find themselves a long way from their watery origins.’
    • ‘And Birmingham TV just showed one watery shot from New Orleans, and there appears to be serious flooding there.’
    • ‘The moon, only one day past full, sailed up over the fields as we drove out and, on the way back, glimmered down on the sea, lighting a watery path across the channel to the Welsh coast beyond.’
    • ‘I'm not trying that again… He lifted his heavy bulk from the watery depths and onto the grass.’
    • ‘The zucchini will expel quite a lot of liquid and this stops the fritters becoming too watery.’
    • ‘And on a rainy day, every nook holds promise of a watery grave.’
    • ‘That, of course, adds to the time taken for the walk but the Bangor Trail is a walk, not a race and those who charge down the trail oblivious to their watery boots should be barred.’
    liquid, fluid, liquefied
    wet, damp, moist, sodden, soggy, squelchy, soft
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    1. 1.1 (of a person's eyes) full of tears.
      ‘as the smoke blew into her face, her eyes went red and watery’
      • ‘Her eyes are watery with tears, her hair messy and loose.’
      • ‘Brett searched her watery eyes and his heart broke for her.’
      • ‘She had really been crying in her sleep, she guessed, since her eyes were very watery, and her cheeks felt tight from the dried salty tears.’
      • ‘Katie looked up at her with questioning blue eyes, still watery with tears.’
      • ‘Lisa gave him a wry smile, her eyes still a little watery.’
      • ‘I looked at him and saw that his eyes had become watery.’
      • ‘My eyes were a bit watery, something that happens after anyone shouts at me.’
      • ‘I saw his eyes get watery, but nothing came forth.’
      • ‘He could tell that I was shocked because my eyes were watery.’
      • ‘Almost in tears, my eyes starts to get watery, puffy, and red.’
      • ‘The minute the melody started, Kirstin's eyes were already watery.’
      • ‘Through watery eyes, she squinted to see who her assailant was.’
      • ‘I see Samantha get up, eyes looking suspiciously watery.’
      • ‘I felt my eyes begin to get bigger and start to get watery.’
      • ‘Even though Josh had said that, David swore he could see the vampire's eyes were a bit watery.’
      • ‘"Don't ever do that again to me," she said with slightly watery eyes.’
      • ‘Seamus looked at his brother, whose eyes were golden and slightly watery.’
      • ‘I'm just… I just… My eyes are a little watery, is all.’
      • ‘It was with sheer shock that Alicia reacted to the message Bryan had left in her locker, as her watery eyes flew over the contents of the rest of the note.’
      • ‘Sarah pouted as she stared up at him, with really watery eyes.’
      tearful, teary, weeping, weepy, moist, rheumy, dewy-eyed
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    2. 1.2 Thin or tasteless as a result of containing too much water.
      ‘watery coffee’
      • ‘Gnawing on hard biscuits and gulping down watery coffee, I listen to Woolford.’
      • ‘Other scenarios had the syrup too sticky, or - worse - too watery.’
      • ‘Worst of all, when you try to make a light chowder, you end up sacrificing flavor and heartiness, and the soup becomes watery and bland.’
      • ‘John's garlic mushrooms were lacking in garlic, while my soup (tomato and basil) was watery with little flavour.’
      • ‘Sitting around the kitchen table everyone drunk the black watery coffee that Betsy had made.’
      • ‘The tiger prawns in my starter were big and juicy, but the chickpea purée they came with was bland, watery and virtually spiceless.’
      • ‘Best of all, for those who have spent years of misery denying themselves the foods they love and existing on watery cabbage soup in a vain attempt to regain the shape they had as a teenager, it does seem to work.’
      • ‘So I tried to salvage it by dumping in more icing sugar, but the icing sugar was lumpy and old so I ended up with slightly thicker chocolate watery slop with white chunks.’
      • ‘I drink my coffee drink, which is watery and gross.’
      • ‘Salted foods such as soups seem thicker and less watery.’
      • ‘Their blueberry sauce managed to be thick but watery and tasteless at the same time.’
      • ‘Another potential problem is thin, watery paint that runs under the leaf, obscuring its shape.’
      • ‘And the broth was fine- a bit watery, but acceptably flavorful.’
      • ‘The poultice was thickening, but still too watery to be applied under a compress.’
      • ‘I was given a bowl of some very watery stew and a cup of water.’
      • ‘God forbid, not the old refreshment rooms back again, with their watery tea, sausageless rolls and the most frightening thing known to man, a railway pork pie of uncertain age.’
      • ‘The eggs weren't runny, and the grits were loose, but not watery.’
      • ‘Like all the meals, it comes with rice and/or fries and a salad made up of lettuce, big thick slices of cucumber, tomato and onion with a slightly watery dressing.’
      • ‘It was a thin meal, a watery gruel tossed into a large pot which each slave was allowed to take five handfuls from.’
      • ‘She turns away from the floor-to-ceiling windows and picks up her cup of watery coffee.’
      thin, runny, weak, sloppy, dilute, diluted, watered down, thinned down, adulterated
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    3. 1.3 Pale or weak, as if diluted by water.
      ‘watery sunshine’
      • ‘He was tall, but extremely thin, with pale blonde hair and watery blue eyes.’
      • ‘I tried; it was a very watery, very shaky smile, but a smile nonetheless.’
      • ‘His eyes were pale, watery blue behind small, wireless glasses.’
      • ‘Anyway, his performance is pretty watery and weak and blah.’
      • ‘It's daytime and it's very light - I know I'm in England because of the watery sunshine coming in through the dusty glass roof.’
      • ‘Gregory gave off a very watery smile, and tried not to embarrass himself.’
      • ‘Returning the hugs, Tash gave them all a slightly watery smile.’
      • ‘He shifts, muttering about a stupid feather, and I crack a weak, watery smile, my lip trembling.’
      • ‘Zak shivered, it was cold, even though the sun was up the heat it cast was weak and watery.’
      • ‘It is time to stop pretending that diplomacy, watery sanctions, and under-funded humanitarian aid are always enough.’
      • ‘A small group of connoisseurs would gather out in the back room each holding their glass up to the watery sunlight filtering through the dirty sash window.’
      • ‘With a sigh of relief she had watched the steel grey clouds roll away and watery sunshine glimmer through.’
      • ‘I gave a weak, watery laugh before pulling away a bit to look up at my oldest friend.’
      • ‘The steady rain of an hour earlier had died away; replaced by watery sunshine which illuminated the huge iron gates set in an immense stretch of high stone wall.’
      • ‘Amongst the silk gowns that she had given me was one of a watery green colour, and I chose that, and wrapped my pheasant sash around my waist.’
      • ‘The light is weak and watery and the air reeks of woodsmoke, but at least it is not raining, a blessing to those who must spend a long, laborious day harvesting olives ahead of the inevitable frost.’
      • ‘A watery autumnal sun shines down on the litter scattered across the cathedral green as the bells ring out from the tower to announce the morning service to the waking city.’
      • ‘Jubilee's red had wilted into a weak, watery pink and several other faeries looked like pastels.’
      • ‘He rocks, shuffles and chews a plastic bottle, then sits in that distressingly human way bears have with his back to the wall and lifts his face to a glimmer of watery sunshine.’
      • ‘A watery sun shone down on the Army as they entered the endless northern forest.’
      pale, wan, thin, faint, weak, feeble, washed out, anaemic, colourless, insipid
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Old English wæterig (see water, -y).