Definition of waterski in English:



  • Each of a pair of skis enabling the wearer to skim the surface of the water when towed by a motorboat.

    • ‘The owner also had an ancient pair of waterskis, and I just thought, what the heck.’
    • ‘The yacht is a perfect platform for water sports such as scuba diving, and is equipped with windsurfers, waterskis and snorkels.’
    • ‘Boats, canoes, jetties, fishing rods and forgotten waterskis are among items recovered and sometimes reclaimed by owners, but the other day I found a tennis racquet.’
    • ‘Waterskiers pay 45 for one pair of waterskis.’
    • ‘The more adventurous could, possibly, take some waterskis.’


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  • Skim the surface of water on waterskis.

    ‘off the beach you can paraglide, jet ski or waterski’
    • ‘The island of Grand Bahama offers a wide range of watersports including waterskiing, sailing and windsurfing.’
    • ‘She worked overseas for three years, teaching windsurfing and waterskiing in America, and learning to scuba dive in Fiji.’
    • ‘A traditional hull form might be okay for fishing but certainly not waterskiing.’
    • ‘Mountain-biking, horse-riding and waterskiing can be arranged, and you can swim in either the pool or the reservoir.’
    • ‘Whether they want to lounge around in the sun, sip vanilla tea, or get into snorkelling, waterskiing or sea-kayaking, this couple will be able to really unwind here and get into a different way of life.’
    • ‘I was able to waterski and to ski and I'm very glad I've had that opportunity.’
    • ‘His childhood gave him a taste for skiing, waterskiing and fishing and homemade wine, as well as music.’
    • ‘Fishing, waterskiing, windsurfing, boat races and swimming are also favorite activities.’
    • ‘Cruising and fishing are fine, but it's hard to waterski offshore, and there are limited areas to raft up.’
    • ‘This summer, I learned how to waterski and stuff like that.’
    • ‘He's relaxed, tan and advocating the benefits of waterskiing on Florida's Lake Magdalene at the age of 62.’
    • ‘We like to entertain, waterski, or sometimes just float for a while in an isolated cove.’
    • ‘The whole family is looking forward to a lot of awesome flying, as well as waterskiing on the huge Murray river.’
    • ‘Hailing from land-locked Denver, CO, my time on water had been limited to the local swimming pool and waterskiing on mountain lakes.’
    • ‘This seemingly endless waterway offers something for everyone - fishing, waterskiing, wind surfing, swimming, and jet-skiing abound.’
    • ‘Among the winners were some who are involved in lesser-profiled sports, including canoe polo, ice skating, trampolining, and even bare-foot waterskiing.’
    • ‘And there is every incentive for her - rumour has it that waterskiing will make its Olympic debut at the 2004 games in Athens.’
    • ‘He launched into a long and daring tale of waterskiing - in February - and doing triple flips.’
    • ‘Today was the day for swimming, tubing, and waterskiing at a nearby lake.’
    • ‘There are other beaches, of course, and water sports from swimming and sunbathing to waterskiing and scuba diving.’