Definition of watersider in English:



Australian, NZ
  • A person employed to load and unload a ship's cargo.

    • ‘I can recall, when I was the manager of a stevedoring company - this goes back some while - having watersiders come to the Port of Tauranga who had been involved in the 1951 strike, and they did not talk to each other.’
    • ‘Around 20,000 workers in 170 businesses have gained pay rises of 5% or more, including engineers, supermarket workers, watersiders and bus drivers.’
    • ‘On August 11, the New Zealand Rail and Maritime Transport Union called off a planned 8-day strike by Wellington watersiders.’
    • ‘I have been trained properly by watersiders and seafarers.’
    • ‘I have been insulted by the professionals - the watersiders and seafarers of this country.’