Definition of waterside worker in English:

waterside worker


NZ, Australian
  • A person employed at a port to load and unload ships.

    ‘the waterside workers refused to load pig iron for Japan in 1938’
    • ‘Australian waterside workers placed bans on loading Dutch ships they suspected were carrying arms to be used against the Indonesian revolutionaries.’
    • ‘Waterside workers announced they would instigate safety bans on shipments of raw asbestos coming into the country, effective immediately.’
    • ‘The waterside workers are protesting against the use of contract labour to load logs onto ships.’
    • ‘He failed to offer proof that the incidents of theft he alleged were in fact committed by waterside workers.’
    • ‘The New Zealand Federation of Labour tried to expel the waterside workers' union.’
    • ‘He was a waterside worker who was killed in an industrial accident.’
    • ‘The NSW Court of Appeal has found a Commonwealth authority breached its duty of care to waterside workers.’
    • ‘Currently waterside workers accrue five weeks annual leave per year.’
    • ‘The waterside workers eventually won all the conditions they had sought.’
    • ‘There is a culture that goes with being a waterside worker.’