Definition of waterlogged in English:



  • Saturated with or full of water.

    ‘parts of the racecourse were waterlogged’
    ‘the game was called off because of a waterlogged pitch’
    • ‘Twice this year, little leaks have caused ceilings to become waterlogged and come crashing down.’
    • ‘Police believe the car may have aquaplaned on the waterlogged motorway because of the heavy rain.’
    • ‘A squirrel comes sometimes, when his home in the oak tree gets waterlogged.’
    • ‘The mosquitoes breed in waterlogged fields and marshes.’
    • ‘This field near Randolph and other fields in the Southeast have been waterlogged since the snowstorm May 11.’
    • ‘Certain fields around the community have become waterlogged to the point that cultivation has become impossible, he pointed out.’
    • ‘Parts of the Northeast and Midwest are starting the week waterlogged by summer storms.’
    • ‘Traffic jams were seen during the rush hours due to waterlogged and potholed roads.’
    • ‘Unless works were initiated on a war footing, epidemic might break out in waterlogged areas, he warned.’
    • ‘Scientists this week finished removing sediment from the ballast tanks of the sub after recovering a coil of waterlogged rope.’
    • ‘Streets and roads remained waterlogged, schools were shut down and shopping malls remained closed.’
    • ‘Loudly condemning the Americans, I snatched up my waterlogged towel and stormed off the beach.’
    • ‘When the rope got waterlogged, they lugged more of the heavy framed canvases up the stairs.’
    • ‘It is easily propagated through seeds and grows well in any soil except waterlogged areas.’
    • ‘The city's main train station is also waterlogged and has been closed for days.’
    • ‘Besides, over 20 million hectares of irrigated lands have become saline or waterlogged in several parts of the country.’
    • ‘Will waterlogged home owners be left high and dry by their insurance companies?’
    • ‘Slurry must not be spread on waterlogged or frozen soils or if heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours.’
    • ‘In fairness to both sides they had to contend with atrocious conditions with the playing surface waterlogged in several places.’
    • ‘He said the shortage, which has cause the hiked prices on the market, is a result of continuous rainfall and waterlogged soils which lower production.’
    muddy, oozy, slushy, slimy, swampy, marshy, boggy, fenny, watery, sodden, sopping, saturated, squelchy, soggy, soft, heavy
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Mid 18th century: past participle of the verb waterlog, from water + the verb log.