Definition of waterline in English:



  • 1The level normally reached by the water on the side of a ship.

    • ‘The berth was spacious, mostly under the waterline where the Grand Adventure swelled out to an impressive size.’
    • ‘The salvage team took emergency action to block splits below the waterline as an estimated 1,000 tonnes of water flooded the vessel's lower car deck.’
    • ‘A small battery operated pump supplied by the Fire Department isn't making much headway against the water pouring from a hole somewhere below the waterline.’
    • ‘Several models present divergent solutions to the same problem, for example the repair of hulls below the waterline.’
    • ‘The sloop's rudder had dislodged, leaving a gaping hole below the waterline that could not be closed.’
    • ‘The deadrise angle at which the bottom of the boat slopes relative to the plane of the water ranges from about 13 degrees at the transom to slightly more than 21 degrees near the forward end of the waterline.’
    • ‘Forget the thought of a tiny pigeon-hole stateroom just above the waterline of a 2,000 passenger cruise ship.’
    • ‘It is possible to penetrate forwards from here past large-scale engine-room machinery and out through the torpedo hole in the starboard side below the waterline.’
    • ‘The diesel generator room is located on the main deck in order to minimise noise below the waterline.’
    • ‘It's that green stuff that marks the waterline of your boat.’
    • ‘Below the waterline, we clambered into the copper-lined magazines where the ship's gunpowder was stored and viewed the keel - the backbone of the ship.’
    • ‘If the boat is in the water, make sure through-hulls that are supposed to be above the waterline, including the exhaust, haven't been shoved underwater by the weight of snow and ice.’
    • ‘In 1902, every ship was painted a durable grey from waterline to mast-tip.’
    • ‘This number results from a formula that compares the length overall, length at the waterline, the beam and the displacement and is intended to represent a boat's expected motion in a seaway.’
    • ‘A second hook smashed viciously into the hull of the Isis, aft, barely above the waterline.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, nothing promotes closeness with your boat like intimate knowledge of all her surfaces, both above and below the waterline.’
    • ‘An at-sea transfer is never an easy task, especially between a 115-ft. schooner, which has a deck about 20 feet from the waterline, and a much smaller boat.’
    • ‘This sticks up above the remains of the hull, and its highest reach would still have been below the ship's waterline.’
    • ‘A second attack was not overly successful - the carrier was not holed below the waterline and fires on board were soon under control.’
    • ‘Once in their midst, passengers standing one deck above the waterline looked directly down as the dolphins played in the bow wave, while a few yards away others rolled on their sides and even breached.’
    • ‘Yet they have the explosive ability to sink or badly damage even large vessels by blowing open their hull below the waterline.’
    1. 1.1 The level reached by the sea or a river visible as a line on a rock face, beach, or riverbank.
      ‘he was coming back along the waterline with the dog trotting at his heels’
      • ‘After checking another cage Greg pointed with his paddle to a dry waterline eight feet up one of the stumps.’
      • ‘We start in the library, the waterline there only a couple of feet high in a city where some houses were up their eaves in water.’
      • ‘The river, still carrying debris from recent rains, has dropped eight feet; I can see the old waterline on the trees.’
    2. 1.2 Any of various structural lines of a ship, parallel with the surface of the water, representing the contour of the hull at various heights above the keel.
  • 2A linear watermark in paper.

  • 3The rim of the upper or lower eyelid between the lashes and the eye itself (especially with reference to the application of eye make-up)

    ‘line the waterline with the black eyeliner’
    • ‘Using a black pencil, draw a line on the bottom waterline.’
    • ‘Trace a V-shape at the inner corner of your eye, continuing the line beneath your waterline along your lower lashline.’
    • ‘Kate lined her waterline in emerald, making her brown eyes pop.’
    • ‘Tracing along the lower waterline and around the inner corners of my eyes, I applied the pencil as close to my eyeball as possible.’
    • ‘For a more dramatic look, Margaret emphasises the eyes with a dark brown eyeliner across the waterline and above the top lash line.’
    • ‘I line my waterline with a black pencil, and then use gold as a highlight along my lower lash line.’
    • ‘Smudge a dark eye pencil inside the waterline.’
    • ‘Run a flesh-tone eyeliner along your lower waterline.’
    • ‘To add some depth to my eyes, I applied the eyeliner on my upper and lower waterlines.’
    • ‘To make your eyes look bigger, use a peach pencil on your waterline.’