Definition of waterfowler in English:



  • See waterfowling

    • ‘But the big concern was along the coast where waterfowlers worried the bill would prevent them from hunting over natural lakes and other waters connected to public waters.’
    • ‘So there'll probably be plenty of waterfowlers afield this Saturday and Sunday.’
    • ‘The same goes for the 20,000 or so waterfowlers who participate each year in September's teal-only hunting season.’
    • ‘With a decent pair of waders costing $100 to $300, it's incumbent on most of us working-stiff waterfowlers to make our waders last at least a few seasons before they fall prey to the inevitable.’
    • ‘For the past several seasons, waterfowlers in eastern Texas have been allowed to take two whitefronts each day of an 86-day season.’