Definition of watercraft in English:



  • 1A boat or other vessel that travels on water.

    • ‘Both boaters and environmentalists agree that technology deserves a fair trial in the quest to reduce collisions between watercraft and manatees that last year resulted in the deaths of 95 animals.’
    • ‘The speed and use of small boats and watercraft have increased dramatically in recent years.’
    • ‘State air regulators are considering adopting fuel standards for watercraft and locomotives Thursday, another entry by California into areas that have generally been reserved for the federal government.’
    • ‘When the customer is operating in enemy territory or the enemy has cut off all ground lines of communication to the customer, watercraft and trucks cannot make the deliveries.’
    • ‘‘In Central America, our aircraft were responsible for tracking and identifying planes and watercraft that were smuggling drugs,’ he said.’
    • ‘The more restricted of the existing modes are watercraft and trucks because they are confined to certain surfaces.’
    • ‘Craig turned to Alex, who was crouched in the hull of the little watercraft.’
    • ‘Newspaper accounts have variously reported that he fell from a tree or from a watercraft.’
    • ‘When the men weren't busy conducting individual and unit training, Clark focused their efforts on preparing their watercraft for the journey.’
    • ‘With practice, a sea kayak becomes a wonderfully responsive, stable, and companionable watercraft.’
    • ‘I've never liked the lake with its menacing suggestion of depth and its ability to attract noisy watercraft.’
    • ‘The watercraft may be carried on the decks of the transport ships and will provide an enhanced capacity to offload tanks, vehicles, soldiers and supplies to a beach in significantly reduced time.’
    • ‘Tired of stuffing big and bulky gear bags into your watercraft?’
    • ‘Both were squinting out into the uneven lighting, trying in vain to make out the shifting shape of the approaching watercraft as it pulled up to one of the side floats.’
    • ‘The driver fell into the water, but the watercraft kept going.’
    • ‘Seriously, it was a great two days of sun, surf and boating in barely legal watercraft.’
    • ‘The small tug also provides the capability to assist larger tugs in docking and undocking all types of ships and watercraft and can be used in routine harbor utility work.’
    • ‘Its purpose was to provide offshore patrol boats with a comparatively lightweight direct and high-angle fire weapon capable of engaging both watercraft and targets ashore.’
    • ‘Usually, it's not humans who lose when watercraft and manatees collide.’
    • ‘Improving on its past history of meeting all applicable sound standards, the industry continues to take an aggressive stance in developing quieter watercraft.’
    boat, sailing boat, ship, yacht, craft
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  • 2mass noun Skill in sailing and other activities which take place on water.