Definition of watercolour in English:


(US watercolor)


also watercolours
  • 1[mass noun] Artists' paint made with a water-soluble binder such as gum arabic, and thinned with water rather than oil, giving a transparent colour:

    ‘a self-portrait in watercolour’
    [count noun] ‘the technique involved the use of watercolours’
    • ‘When you're creating a painting to be seen from inside the house things get a bit trickier than they do when you are painting with watercolor, crayons or oils.’
    • ‘There are paintings on acrylic, canvas and handmade paper done with poster colours, watercolours, oil paints and even pens.’
    • ‘Trouble arose most frequently in maintaining the delicate visual balance between the engraved image and the transparent layers of watercolor applied over it.’
    • ‘Singh has developed a unique process in her works on paper: she paints with watercolor and gouache on heavy paper, abraids the surface with sandpaper, repaints, sands and then paints again.’
    • ‘Painted in gouache, watercolor and acrylic, its surface varies from matte to shiny and its colors from transparent to opaque.’
    • ‘His fifty five evocative studies on paper in charcoal, ink and watercolor show the artist's process leading to the completed 7 by 9 foot screen.’
    • ‘Only a handful of artists have ever used transparent watercolors as their chosen medium.’
    • ‘Awareness of the smooth page clouds the difference between varnished and unvarnished oil paint, between opaque and transparent watercolour.’
    • ‘Working in oil paint on canvas and watercolor on paper, Mayhew never sketches his ideas but rather floods the surface with rich vibrant colors.’
    • ‘Another enhancement is the ability to use watercolors in more than one layer.’
    • ‘In the transparency of watercolor, the thin veils of color lapping the underlying white paper capture the city's luminosity.’
    • ‘Caramelle uses ink, watercolor and metallic acrylic paint.’
    • ‘Using watercolor, we captured a bit of summer with these functional tubes.’
    • ‘A demonstration is given on how to paint using black watercolor or slightly thinned tempera paint.’
    • ‘In all the works shown here, Calabrese uses oil paint almost like watercolor.’
    • ‘According to company officials, Newcomb achieves his distinctive results by using multiple washes of thin acrylic glazes similar to transparent watercolor.’
    • ‘Besides his work as an architect, Mockbee is an artist who uses collage, watercolor, and oil paint.’
    • ‘There, in addition to painting in oil and watercolor and making sculpture and furniture, he often worked as a decorator of ceramics.’
    • ‘She was a life-long nonsmoker and an artist, painting with watercolor and acrylics.’
    • ‘She worked originally as a sculptor, later going into oil painting and has spent the last 25 years working in transparent watercolor and acrylics.’
    1. 1.1[count noun] A picture painted with watercolours.
      • ‘Crane held a public painting demonstration, producing an original watercolor from start to finish that day.’
      • ‘Blackadder is exhibiting watercolours and oil paintings.’
      • ‘Family Copies recreates oil paintings or watercolors by using an image from a digital or photographic source.’
      • ‘A watercolour by Thundersley-born artist Richard Sorrell has made the collection.’
      • ‘She is planning one more major adventure, but after that has promised her family that she will return to her easel - she paints watercolours using Chinese inks and paper.’
      • ‘The watercolors depict the slugs engaging in melodramatic activities.’
      • ‘Elegant oil paintings alternated with picturesque watercolours, while a number of acrylic paintings enlivened the display spread over two rooms at the gallery.’
      • ‘To gain commissions he would return to England and visit country houses, taking his drawings and showing them to guests, who usually ordered formal watercolours or oil paintings.’
      • ‘He made oil paintings and watercolors and attracted some attention with local art exhibitions.’
      • ‘He gave me some watercolours he had painted and put up pictures.’
      • ‘The exhibition brings together for the first time finished works, watercolours and sketches by the landscape painter which illustrates just how innovative and influential he was.’
      • ‘A number of small watercolours and several large canvases all describe similar visual subject matter.’
      • ‘It was also here where Heysen finished and altered many of his watercolours and oil paintings started on different locations, often years before.’
      • ‘Its moods are reflected in her watercolours and oil paintings, drawing the viewer in to experience the land, sea and sky in its various cloaks in places such as Belmullet and Tory Island.’
      • ‘Those are just unfinished images and unframed watercolors or sketches.’
      • ‘John Linnell commissioned Blake to paint watercolours of Dante's Divine Comedy.’
      • ‘The tiny watercolour was painted 90 years ago by celebrated Victorian artist Helen Allingham, whose work is highly-sought after.’
      • ‘The deluxe editions had many of the original watercolors included.’
      • ‘When delicately colored, the resulting print resembled the original watercolor.’
      • ‘It will bring together almost all of the watercolours and sketches Mackintosh made at the picturesque Mediterranean waterfront of Port Vendres.’
    2. 1.2 The art of painting with watercolours, especially using a technique of producing paler colours by diluting rather than by adding white.
      • ‘There, he has lived for the past 30 years, mastering lithography, oil painting, watercolor, gouache, drawing, engraving, sculpture and ceramics.’
      • ‘In the late 1920s he was introduced to watercolour by visiting artist Rex Battarbee, who later became his agent.’