Definition of waterbed in English:



  • A bed with a water-filled rubber or plastic mattress.

    • ‘He sat on the waterbed in his boxers watching TV.’
    • ‘‘Alright, whatever,’ Faith said sitting down on the floor in between the two waterbeds.’
    • ‘When my bedroom was empty except for the waterbed, the lamp, and the stereo, I perched a note on the coffee table in front of the TV.’
    • ‘I just wanted to go home to my waterbed and sleep this away.’
    • ‘I groaned, rolled over to the other side of my waterbed, stretched, and grabbed the phone clicking ‘talk’ with my thumb.’
    • ‘Emma sat on her large waterbed, her thoughts jumbled.’
    • ‘Of course I have a waterbed and do all my management lying down.’
    • ‘He pulled me into his lap, not the easiest position in a waterbed.’
    • ‘There should be no cut-outs in the headboard or footboard, and no waterbeds.’
    • ‘Then he passed out on the waterbed like a beached whale!’
    • ‘On the fourth day with our new roommate, I caught Rick sitting on the foot of our waterbed, holding his head in his hands.’
    • ‘The waterbed I'd begged and pleaded for was in the corner where I could see out the bay window, but not be woken by the sun.’
    • ‘Outdoor queen-size waterbeds and huge red umbrellas provide for a soothing sunbath.’
    • ‘When I finally pull him off her, we begin an arm-locked waltz across the glass-scattered floor, until my feet slip in their own blood and I topple backward onto the waterbed.’
    • ‘We wore those stupid bell bottoms, beads around our necks, slept on waterbeds and generally didn't have very much to say for ourselves.’
    • ‘A teen girl laid on her side, slumbering in her waterbed, with dark black, down covers and pillows.’
    • ‘Many people think the ultimate pleasure is a vacation in Hawaii - sacking out on a waterbed, a cool breeze wafting through the window, a tall drink, every muscle in your body relaxed.’
    • ‘Sighing, I threw my backpack on my waterbed and went to my other best friend.’
    • ‘We brought my bag to her bedroom, a medium-sized room with several anime posters (yes, she loves anime, too) and many stuffed animals around the room and on her waterbed.’
    • ‘So I pushed him off of my body, and the motion of the waterbed aided his own body to roll back.’