Definition of water violet in English:

water violet


  • An aquatic plant of the primrose family, with lilac flowers and finely divided submerged leaves.

    Hottonia palustris, family Primulaceae

    • ‘While the foliage of water violet is attractive, the real attraction to this pond plant are the tall stalks of flowers that appear in summer.’
    • ‘You should buy a good mixture of native pond plants such as water violets and marsh marigolds which both thrive in ponds.’
    • ‘In summer, the large number woodland pond provides a fine show of delicate flowering water violets and yellow flag iris.’
    • ‘I'd go for water violets, frogbit, hortwort and parrots feather, all of which will help keep the water clear and the fish healthy by helping create a balanced eco-system.’
    • ‘In fact, there are about six kinds of aquatic plants that can be raised in a pond, such as water violets and water hyacinths.’