Definition of water stick insect in English:

water stick insect


  • A very long, slender European water bug related to the water scorpion, which waits motionless in vegetation for prey to pass.

    Ranatra linearis, family Nepidae, suborder Heteroptera

    • ‘The Nepoidea contains the water scorpions and water stick insects of the family Nepidae and the giant water bugs, electric light bugs, and toe biters of the Belostomatidae; the genus Lethocerus contains the largest Heteroptera and the largest aquatic insects.’
    • ‘There is a wide variety of aquatic animals in our pond - from water stick insects to dragonfly nymphs.’
    • ‘The collection of Quebec aquatic insects from the Insectarium includes nearly 55 adult and immature specimens of 17 species, such as dragonflies, damselflies, water stick insects, horseflies and fish flies.’
    • ‘After a slow start, a wealth of aquatic wildlife was discovered and identified, finds including fish, water scorpions, water beetles, water stick insects and dragonfly nymphs.’
    • ‘Abundant invertebrates dominated by dragonflies and damselflies inhabit the area; they include palm spiders, water stick insect and mangrove crabs.’