Definition of water starwort in English:

water starwort


  • A widely distributed slender-leaved plant which grows in water or on mud and is sometimes used in aquaria.

    Genus Callitriche, family Callitrichaceae

    • ‘Here and there float upon the surface the round leaves and delicate white blossoms of the frogbit, together with lilies, pondweeds, and water starworts.’
    • ‘When it grows on mud in low-water conditions, the leaves of water starwort are oblong.’
    • ‘Milfoil and water starwort are good native ‘oxygenators’; try to avoid Canadian pondweed - it grows like wildfire and quickly takes over a pond!’
    • ‘There will also be workshops on the more difficult groups such as water starworts, pondweeds, water crowfoots and stoneworts (Charophyta).’
    • ‘I have published on topics ranging from aquatic plant reproductive systems, the spread of invasive aquatic plants, aquatic plant structure, and the taxonomy of water starworts and riverweeds (Podostemaceae).’