Definition of water scorpion in English:

water scorpion


  • A mainly tropical predatory water bug with grasping forelegs, breathing from the surface via a bristle-like ‘tail’.

    Family Nepidae, suborder Heteroptera: several genera and species, including the European Nepa cinerea

    • ‘They include such things as spiders, leeches, millipedes, pill bugs, flatworms, mites, beetles, and water dwellers such as water scorpions and nematode worms.’
    • ‘These surely are Water Scorpions in the genus Ranatra, and they really will give a painful bite.’
    • ‘She also learned from her teacher that the water scorpion's tail forms a siphon for breathing at the surface.’
    • ‘When an unsuspecting tadpole, fairy shrimp, or insect comes along, the water scorpion lunges forward and grabs it with razor sharp front legs.’