Definition of water rate in English:

water rate


usually water rates
  • A charge made for the use of a public water supply.

    • ‘This is especially true when they also pay water rates and refuse collection charges, which local authority rates were originally meant to cover.’
    • ‘He is expected to accept that water rates are too high, that business rates are a problem, and that growth remains stubbornly below UK averages.’
    • ‘It is chiefly because of this programme that the firm proposes to increase water rates by 39 per cent over a five year period beginning this autumn.’
    • ‘By 2003, some small businesses had seen their water rates rise by 500%.’
    • ‘The rebellion, which shut the city down for four days, was sparked after the foreign-owned water corporation raised Cochabamba's water rates 35 percent.’
    • ‘They've put the water rates up but they can't seem to come and clean the street properly.’
    • ‘I have fallen behind with my water rates and have been threatened with disconnection - can they do this?’
    • ‘With tax on profits, more than £25 for every £100 paid in water rates will go to shareholders and the Government!’
    • ‘Prospective buyers are also helped with information on local taxes, water rates and utility costs.’
    • ‘Residents could either be given a one-time charge on their utility bill or include the installation cost in the basic water rate.’
    • ‘One option, he said, was to find a system that would attract road-users voluntarily, as water meters were introduced as a voluntary alternative to blanket water rates.’
    • ‘It is unacceptable, considering the way water rates are going up all the time.’
    • ‘Critics say that instead of forming strategies, Scotland's business rates, water rates and regulations should be cut back to allow business to flourish.’
    • ‘Yet business leaders see no attempt to ease rising business rates, water rates and increasing red tape, which have been among the principal concerns for some time.’
    • ‘She then used the forged cheques to invest in a building society, to buy a double bed and to pay her water rates and television licence.’
    • ‘As a result of the severe flooding particularly on Wednesday and Thursday many people are demanding a public meeting and a reduction of water rates.’
    • ‘Business rates, water rates and transport are three issues frequently mentioned where Scotland is at a disadvantage to its larger neighbour in the south.’
    • ‘I was told this is because I have central heating and the water rates are connected to the general rates.’
    • ‘Planning has been on the organisation's agenda for some time, though it has tended to overshadowed by the row over business and water rates.’
    • ‘And the Government would be spared annual maintenance expenses, and would collect building taxes and water rates.’