Definition of water rat in English:

water rat


  • 1A large semiaquatic rodent.

    Several genera in the family Muridae, in particular Hydromys of Australasia

    • ‘To determine the geographical distribution of the phenotypes, we analyzed 820 skins of the South American water rat that were collected in various places in Brazil over a century and deposited at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro.’
    • ‘Down here is all darkness, the only sound the slur of rain in the dirt, water rats scratching inside the walls.’
    • ‘Within this family, some species are particularly relevant, as is the case of Nectomys squamipes, a South American water rat that is a primary host of the parasite Schistosoma mansoni.’
    • ‘It's murky, and I realize that there might be water rats.’
    • ‘The 17 hectare nature protects eight hectares of undisturbed rainforest, which is home to pademelons, brush turkeys, water rats and possums that can be seen on walks.’
    • ‘Smooth-coated otters are omnivorous and will eat insects, earthworms, crustaceans, frogs, water rats, turtles, large birds, and fish.’
    • ‘Since when did notions of cleaning up the backyard shed, eating water rats, and wiping the bottoms of naughty rich children constitute entertainment?’
    pirate, marauder, raider, plunderer, bandit, robber
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    1. 1.1British
      another term for water vole
      • ‘Never having seen such a thing as a river, he becomes immediately entranced and soon makes a friend of Mr. Rat, a water rat living right on the bank.’
      • ‘It cut its teeth on water rat, badger, otter and fox in its native Yorkshire, England, then proved to be an excellent watchdog and retriever, too.’
      • ‘The annual report from the conservation charity Mammal Trust UK named the water vole - also known as the water rat - as the UK's most rapidly declining mammal.’
      • ‘There are kingfishers, herons, mink, water rats…’
      • ‘Elsewhere, herons studied it; swans, ducks, coots and moorhens ruffled it; water rats (I saw only one) sent small, semicircular ripples out across it.’
      • ‘Following Coleridge's death the second editor was Frederick Furnivall, a fantastic eccentric in an age of eccentrics (he was the model for the water rat in Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows).’
      • ‘He conjures up images of water rats and crested newts killed by bulldozers.’


water rat