Definition of water purslane in English:

water purslane


  • A creeping Eurasian plant of damp places and bare ground.

    Lythrum portula, family Lythraceae

    • ‘Dogmersfield Lake is included as it forms part of the Canal's water catchment, and supports, a rich flora including some species which are very rare in or extinct from the remainder of the Basingstoke Canal system, for example lesser water plantain (Baldellia ranunculoides), bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliata) and water purslane (Lythrum portula).’
    • ‘I hung belly down in the air-clear stream and looked at the bottom slipping by, one moment a waving yellow-green of a naiad bed or the sudden red of water purslane, or moving soft horns of pinktipped coontail set with slim cones of spiny snails.’
    • ‘In more open places when it is not so wet one can see growing knotted pearlwort, and water purslane.’