Definition of water poverty in English:

water poverty


mass noun
  • 1The condition of not having access to sufficient water, or water of an adequate quality, to meet one's basic needs.

    ‘250 million more people in Africa will face water poverty by 2020’
    • ‘"We must take the lead and make the hard choices to establish priorities," urged Abu-Zeid, "economic poverty and water poverty are synonymous."’
    • ‘In regions of absolute water poverty, population may become the determining factor, but almost everywhere sound management of the local environment remains the key to freshwater sustainability.’
    • ‘Most aid packages have, in the past, paid too little attention to tackling water poverty.’
    1. 1.1British The condition of being unable to afford to pay one's water bills.
      ‘supporting those in water poverty via the public purse means increasing taxes for all’
      • ‘Water charges will mean the introduction of water poverty.’
      • ‘The planned rises also failed to tackle the increasing problems that many consumers faced when paying their bills, with many people in so-called "water poverty".’
      • ‘The twin curses of water poverty and energy poverty remain the real scandals.’