Definition of water pistol in English:

water pistol


  • A toy pistol that shoots a jet of water.

    • ‘I'd nearly had a heart attack over a water pistol.’
    • ‘An optional accessory would be a water pistol or some equally ridiculous piece of fake weaponry.’
    • ‘When the parrot got too loud, Taylor would draw a water pistol from his desk and douse him.’
    • ‘He was waving a huge water pistol that was about the size of his arms around in the air.’
    • ‘Despite having installed, at his own expense, a video camera he has had two windows smashed, suffered abusive behaviour and language, and has been fired on with a water pistol.’
    • ‘Remembering how he shot me with water pistols, I decided that I was going to pull him in.’
    • ‘Scott thought he was playing with a water pistol when he accidentally set fire to the bed.’
    • ‘If it was someone trying to discourage cats going into their garden, a water pistol would be more effective and more humane.’
    • ‘Shoot me with the water pistol he keeps by the side of the bed for that very reason.’
    • ‘Anyone could be forgiven for quaking when they are staring down the barrel of a gun, but it says much about the fragile state of Scotland's nerves that the nation is quivering in front of a water pistol.’
    • ‘You will, however, see something like a water pistol in action.’
    • ‘Marshall was barely containing his glee as he struggled to stuff a small water pistol under his seat.’
    • ‘Apparently, it is possible to race goldfish by putting them in swimming lanes and encouraging movement by squirting the water behind with a water pistol, or blowing bubbles with a straw.’
    • ‘A member of the press pack played a prank on Tom by holding out a water pistol disguised as a microphone during the walkabout.’
    • ‘Combined with strong jaw muscles and gill covers that assist in forcefully expelling a stream of water, the mouth acts like a water pistol.’
    • ‘A generous sprinkling of pepper may also provide a deterrent, and many owners swear by a harmless squirt of water from a well-aimed hose or water pistol.’
    • ‘Perhaps the politically correct parents that forbid their children to even fire a water pistol had the right idea.’
    • ‘Washing up for example, is far more enjoyable if you make targets out of the dinner plates and use a water pistol.’
    • ‘I would get up when she does it and shoot her with a water pistol.’
    • ‘A water pistol or something less harmful would have acted as a deterrent should the cats' presence have been a problem.’


water pistol