Definition of water pipit in English:

water pipit


  • A dark-coloured European pipit that frequents waterside habitats.

    Anthus spinoletta, family Motacillidae; formerly thought to be conspecific with the rock pipit

    • ‘Rainham Marshes has long been renowned as a bird haven on the outskirts of East London but it always had a rather unsavoury reputation as ‘that rubbish tip with burnt out cars, piles of tyres, bubbling chemical pools, rats, guns, motorbikes and whizzing bullets oh and water pipits’.’
    • ‘Also present were a dozen or so spankingly-plumaged citrine wagtails, 150 + white wagtails, 10 red-throated pipits, hordes of water pipits, 3 whiskered terns, 3 + skylarks and 2 corn buntings.’
    • ‘The couple of times I've been there this winter there have been 2-3 water pipits but no rock pipits.’
    • ‘The water pipit feeds on the ground; in short grass, low herbs, bare ground; walks about daintily picking insects from ground or low vegetation; may run or fly up from ground to catch an insect.’
    • ‘On 1st November, a water pipit and a red-throated pipit arrived off the sea together at Ra's al-Akhdar in Abu Dhabi.’