Definition of water measurer in English:

water measurer


  • A long, thin aquatic bug which walks slowly on the surface film of water and spears small prey with its beak.

    Genus Hydrometra, family Hydrometridae, suborder Heteroptera: several species

    • ‘Other creatures inhabiting the surface film of bog pools are pond skaters, water measurers and water crickets.’
    • ‘Last year I had one water measurer visit the pond but I didn't get the chance to see it in action because the Pond Skaters ate it!’
    • ‘Species which are found include mayfly larvae, Great Diving Beetles and their larvae, water fleas, frogs, toads, newts and their tadpoles, water lice, pond skaters, water measurers and many others.’
    • ‘Right, the water measurer prepares to climb the mensicus by drying its non-wetting claws.’
    • ‘Has a broader body than the water measurer and a considerably shorter head, which has largish eyes.’