Definition of water meadow in English:

water meadow


  • A meadow that is periodically flooded by a stream or river.

    • ‘Where possible the river is now allowed to flood in winter, creating water meadows that attract many different wildfowl.’
    • ‘Inside it will have a flat-floor auditorium for 300 people with retractable seating, a studio to seat up to 75, and a terrace with café seating overlooking the water meadow.’
    • ‘The country is different from Patagonia, lush and flat, a mixture of water meadow and marsh, with occasional weird trees.’
    • ‘Much of the water meadow has now become a lake, flooded after the extraction of gravel.’
    • ‘For some reason, they are immune to the charms of the interesting vista, the melancholy atmosphere of a windswept headland or the transient beauty of watery winter sunlight on a flooded water meadow.’
    • ‘Well outside the town, across the water meadows, there was a large moated house with well-planted trees, and one late afternoon I drove out in my jeep and bought a dachshund puppy from the widow of a general.’
    • ‘The water meadows opposite the supermarket were lit just the way I wanted, too.’
    • ‘The water meadows on the outskirts of Minehead sparkle under sunny skies, full of the promise of lush marshy greens and hidden meadow orchids.’
    • ‘What price, for instance, should society put on the destruction of so much of our rural heritage, the loss of our water meadows and ancient hedges, the disappearance of so many songbirds?’
    • ‘Twelve years after successfully acquiring the unique water meadows in the shadow of Salisbury Cathedral, the Harnham Water Meadows Trust is embarking on a second major project which could benefit the local tourist industry.’
    • ‘Conversion of common land to enclosures made possible new practices: creating water meadows and growing new crops such as sainfoin and lucerne to augment supplies of animal winter fodder.’
    • ‘Based on the Hampshire writer's personal experiences over many years, the novel is a tragic requiem to his local water meadows, which once brimmed with wildlife yet now lie parched and choked by man-made drought.’
    • ‘This stretch of the river was the flood plain and this stroll passes through a number of water meadows.’
    • ‘Members of the Kennet Valley Arts Trust, who have spent six years promoting the theatre plans, said the town council had already agreed to minor changes in the water meadow when outline planning permission was agreed in December 2000.’
    • ‘The weather during these excursions to document the various life in the water meadow, was always good.’
    • ‘It was pinpointed in a narrow water meadow next to fields in the Tas River Valley.’
    • ‘And, of course, the scent of water meadow and the gentle twinkle of the river come completely free.’
    • ‘The lazy stream that skirted the village rose to a torrent, raging down from the moors, but it stayed safe within its deep banks until it reached the water meadows further down where it spread out and lost its force.’
    • ‘But the protesters say there is no reason why cows and people cannot co-exist as on the nearby St Cross water meadows.’
    • ‘Set among the water meadows of the River Itchen, it has countryside lapping right up to its ancient core, without any ugly collar of urban sprawl in between’


water meadow