Definition of water knot in English:

water knot


  • A kind of knot used to join two fishing lines.

    • ‘The sling was tied with a water knot and loaded with an end-to-end pull on the loop.’
    • ‘For all my ledgering in running water I use the simple set up shown below using the four turn water knot as the junction.’
    • ‘The grapevine cinches tightly when loaded, adding an element of security lacking with the water knot.’
    • ‘A test with overhand safeties on the water knot gradually slipped through 1.75 inches of tail, and then cinched and did not slip any further.’
    • ‘That night, on a long and narrow ledge, I noticed that some of the water knots on his gear were sporting rather short tails.’
    • ‘The water knot is arguably the strongest knot you can tie in webbing.’
    • ‘Also, is the water knot suitable for tying in flourocarbon, or would you recommend something else?’
    • ‘Check water knots in webbing frequently, and be sure to leave at least an inch of ‘tail’ after tightening.’
    • ‘I know many people prefer to attach their paternoster links using a four turn water knot but I don't.’
    • ‘A lot of very careful tests with special equipment have since been done to prove that water knots and grinner knots are vastly superior to blood knots.’
    • ‘The drawings show the upper tag end 40 tied in another water knot for convenience of illustration.’
    • ‘Basically, the water knot is two overhand knots, with the second being tied on top of the first.’
    • ‘For double strength monofilament and copolymers make sure your water knots have three turns.’
    • ‘A simple water knot is used to create a loop in the end of the tubular Kevlar anchor strap.’
    • ‘Use an overhand knot as backup; what you will have is a water knot backed up with a split overhand bend.’
    • ‘This method always involved having at least three water knots along the leader, it never really seemed to have an adverse effect.’
    • ‘These instructions require basic knots, like the girth hitch and water knots, that are normally taught in the beginner classes.’
    • ‘And because you should know both the water knot and also the duchess knot, behold them here in picture.’
    • ‘If you don't want to stitch these or want to whip up a couple or four for a test, tie some elastic into loops using water knots.’
    • ‘These results validate the need to leave long tails and inspect water knots before each use.’