Definition of water jacket in English:

water jacket


  • A casing containing water placed around something to protect it from extremes of temperature.

    • ‘A small chamber enclosed in a water jacket was attached to the disc electrode.’
    • ‘A single rifle bullet through the water jacket would quickly put the gun out of service, and another through virtually any body part would immediately do the same for the gunner.’
    • ‘The cylinder block was no cast iron or alloy lump, but was made up of forged steel barrels with integral cylinder heads welded together in sets of four, with sheet steel water jackets.’
    • ‘If the radiator fluid gets bad it can pit the sleeves and water jacket called cavitation.’
    • ‘Ample water jackets surround each siamesed cylinder and leave enough structure to help the block take high boost pressures, resist twisting, and provide a stable sealing surface around the wedge-shape combustion chamber.’
    • ‘The function of a water jacket in an engine is to help maintain a better temperature distribution in the cylinder bore.’
    • ‘In addition, the water jacket provides protection from overheating of the firebox, a design feature not available in a hot-air furnace.’
    • ‘The engine blocks have no water (after all, they are running for less than 30 seconds all up, including staging) and the water jackets are sometimes filled with concrete to make the engine bores more rigid.’
    • ‘Put the bendy clips on so that the bottom section fits into the lip of the water jacket and the pins go into the slots on the clips.’
    • ‘Water kept at the temperature of the outside air was circulated through the water jackets of the cuvettes.’
    • ‘Computational fluid dynamics was used to assure consistent cooling through the water jacket.’
    • ‘The screw-type hose clamps were supplied with the water jacket.’
    • ‘It was ok so I assumed the water jacket was blocked so I removed the cylinder heads… and cleaned out the rust with a wire.’