Definition of water dropwort in English:

water dropwort


  • A widely distributed poisonous plant of the parsley family, which grows in wet habitats.

    Genus Oenanthe, family Umbelliferae: several species, in particular O. crocata of Europe

    • ‘All five British Lemna species, all five Rorippa species, and all three British watermilfoils, all but one of the seven British water dropworts, and two-thirds of the British pondweeds can be found on site.’
    • ‘The unimproved northern field has a species-rich flora that includes cuckoo flower, marsh marigold, ragged robin, pepper saxifrage, corky-fruited water dropwort, tubular water dropwort and green-winged orchid.’
    • ‘Some of the water dropworts propagate by falling over.’
    • ‘Thus, the inventive water dropwort has uniform nutrient distribution.’
    • ‘And when do you stop thinking everything is one of the various water dropworts?’