Definition of water deer in English:

water deer

(also Chinese water deer)


  • A small deer without antlers, the male having a pair of tusks, native to China and Korea.

    Hydropotes inermis, family Cervidae

    • ‘Britain's deer population is made up of six different species, native types such as the red deer and roe deer, as well as species which have been introduced: sika, muntjac, Chinese water deer and the fallow deer.’
    • ‘We also had extensive woodland, with tiny Chinese water deer in it, but only twice did we see them.’
    • ‘I decided that it must either be a muntjac or a Chinese water deer, but have ruled out the latter, because as can be seen above the Chinese water deer's hind legs are noticeably longer than its forelegs.’
    • ‘The Chinese water deer used to be widely distributed in East Asia but is now found only in east China and Korea.’