Definition of water cycle in English:

water cycle


  • The cycle of processes by which water circulates between the earth's oceans, atmosphere, and land, involving precipitation as rain and snow, drainage in streams and rivers, and return to the atmosphere by evaporation and transpiration.

    • ‘The water cycle also helps to regulate oxygen levels.’
    • ‘Two other parts of the system are already in orbit: the Terra satellite, which observes land, and Aqua, which studies Earth's water cycle.’
    • ‘These include climate regulation, the operation of the water cycle, the regulation of atmospheric composition, and nutrient cycling.’
    • ‘Scientists theorize that methane rains from Titan's sky, creating surface methane or ethane lakes, which may give rise to clouds, similar to the water cycle on Earth.’
    • ‘Hence, the suggestion that the carbon cycle is ‘piggybacking’ on the water cycle is a viable proposition.’
    • ‘Among the information given to the school children is that of the water cycle - which is part of the school curriculum.’
    • ‘The tiny carbon cycle is piggybacking on the huge water cycle (clouds included), not driving it.’
    • ‘Less than 3% of water on earth has originated from the ocean, passing billions of times through the water cycle.’
    • ‘It has so far opposed all certification of green labeling that tells you whether the harvesting process protected biodiversity, hillslope stability, the water cycle, and soils.’
    • ‘Rising greenhouse gases are affecting rainfall patterns and the global water cycle.’
    • ‘This will include the composition of atmosphere, the water cycle, the pollination of crops, the assimilation of waste and recycling of nutrients, the delicate interplay of species - all of these are in serious danger.’
    • ‘They gave out worksheets explaining the water cycle.’
    • ‘The settlement of Australia and exploitation of its resources has been inextricably linked with the provision of water supplies and modifications to the natural water cycle by individual farmers and government agencies.’
    • ‘If people were the focus of a global system, perhaps the water cycle could be part of the studied environment.’
    • ‘While the focus at the moment is on conserving water, it's important to remember if we look after the environment it will help the water cycle.’
    • ‘The children go back to colouring their diagrams of the water cycle.’
    • ‘His scientific career was a pursuit of the understanding of every aspect of the water cycle.’
    • ‘In fact, there is a relationship between the water cycle and global change.’
    • ‘The water cycle will be drastically altered with increased temperatures, increasing the number and severity of both droughts and floods.’
    • ‘This includes aerial and satellite monitoring of soil moisture as part of the global water cycle and in relationship to global warming, tillage techniques, and pest infestations.’