Definition of water bomber in English:

water bomber


  • An aircraft used for extinguishing forest fires by dropping water.

    • ‘Hot north-east winds gusting up to 75 kph resulted in erratic fire behaviour and two water bombers were bought in to reinforce suppression resources.’
    • ‘In fact, at one point, everyone, including me, was gathered in the firm's common area just watching the water bombers with our jaws dropped.’
    • ‘We've also requested three CL - 415's from Ontario - those are the big yellow water bombers - and those should be arriving as well.’
    • ‘About 3,000 firefighters backed by water bombers were battling flames across New South Wales, the country's most populous state, while an estimated 45 wildfires burned out of control.’
    • ‘Forest services were attacking the blaze with helicopters and water bombers.’