Definition of water beetle in English:

water beetle


  • Any of a large number of beetles that live in fresh water.

    Several families, in particular Dytiscidae (the predatory diving beetles) and Hydrophilidae (scavenging beetles)

    • ‘In the spring children catch butterflies, and in the summer they play with aquatic whirhgig beetles, true water beetles, and snails.’
    • ‘There will be more to eat with the rice - protein-rich food, like frogs, snails, water beetles and the little fish that swim among the rice seedlings.’
    • ‘Grasshoppers and giant water beetles, for instance, are both nearly 20% protein and contain less than one fifth of the fat contained in beef.’
    • ‘In this particular water, we know that we have small water beetle, you probably have some of the nymphs of the damsel fly, towards the mid stages of production at the moment.’
    • ‘A number of predatory fish, including the introduced tilapia species, wiped out most of the river's water beetles and bugs.’
    • ‘She pointed out damselfly larva, water beetles, tadpoles, backswimmers, dragon fly larva and snails as they circled around in our tiny sample of the marsh.’
    • ‘As the pans dry up, I'll find transparent clam shrimp shells, as fine as fairy wings, and flattened water beetles like trilobites along the edge of the pools.’
    • ‘Nationwide, it is hoped the scheme will boost the habitats of species such as the grey partridge, twite, natterjack toad, sandbowl snail and lesser silver water beetle.’
    • ‘Try eating water beetles or deep fried scorpions for breakfast - that should turn your tummy off food for the rest of the day!’
    • ‘Now blind water beetles have been known before, none in Australia and I think there were about 18 or 20 species known world wide and in sampling just five locations we've already got 16 species of blind water beetles.’
    • ‘As a child my family would take a Sunday walk down the local canal side; we'd kneel at the water's edge watching pond skaters and water beetles going about their business.’
    • ‘In the distance two shells slid on the thin flame of sunlight like slender water beetles.’
    • ‘By the way, they are not cockroaches, darling - they are actually water beetles!’